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a man's round-the-world packing list

At last, here is the long sought after, long awaited packing list for Patrick, written by none other than the originator of this list, Patrick himself.

The dilemma I have is the age old packing dilemma of being able to handle both cold and warm climates. Therefore, all of my pants are convertible and I carry two light-weight long sleeve shirts that can be warn in warm weather when in a pinch. Without further ado, please read on.


That is pretty much the entire thing. Please do let me know what you think and whether your packing list differs.

09/10/2010 13:04
Nice list of travel goods and I totally agree about backpacks - most likely you don't need BACKpack, you need just bag even you are "backpacking" :) Here are my thoughts about it:
09/10/2010 15:04
Have you guys used your silk sleep sacks? Ours haven't even left the original packing :) We LOVED the pack it cubes, the best way to pack a backpack!
09/10/2010 21:41
I love the idea of rabid sandals.
09/12/2010 11:34
Vi: thanks for the link. I definitely agree!

Manali and Terry: Akila has used it a few times in Southeast Asia when we stayed at cheap places and the sheets are pretty dingy. Otherwise, I agree, it is a pretty useless piece of gear.
Patrick's recent blog post: a man's round-the-world packing list
09/13/2010 12:28
I love ice breaker stuff, I just wish they did more colours though. Dark colours like black get very hot very quickly when you're somewhere sunny and completely negates any benefits they have, would happily get rid al most of my clothing to be replaced with it if it wasn't for that issue!
AdventureRob's recent blog post: Malaysian Night Market
05/27/2011 09:31
AdventureRob, I totally agree. It did not take long for us to get hot when we were hiking Fox Glacier in New Zealand.
Patrick's recent blog post: a man's round-the-world packing list
07/18/2015 07:39
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