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99 lessons learned traveling

In one year traveling around the world, we have learned an awful lot, but here are 99 lessons that we think will stick with us:

1. The world is huge. I mean, really, really huge. Bigger than our minds can imagine.

Thailand is the Land of a Thousand Smiles2. The more we see, the more we want to see.

3. Potato chips are sold everywhere.

4. Ham and cheese flavored potato chips tastes just like a ham and cheese sandwich.

5. Quality of internet has no correlation to socioeconomic status of a country.

6. A two-minute train connection is possible in Japan.

7. A forty-five minute train connection is not possible in China.

8. Thailand is the Land of a Thousand Smiles.

Tofu is amazing9. We are braver and stronger than we expected.

10. We are weaker and dumber than we expected.

11. Chewy and Abby are our hearts and souls. We can’t live without them.

12. Squat toilets are more hygienic than Western-style toilets in public restrooms.

13. Douglas Adams was right: the towel is the most useful piece of gear for a backpacker.

14. Tofu is amazing.

15. Nothing causes a traffic jam quite like a cow in the middle of a busy Indian street.

The cruelty of a few can ruin the lives of many16. There is a whole beautiful world beneath the waves.

17. Kids are kids everywhere.

18. Waving at kids by the side of the street never gets boring.

19. The cruelty of a few can ruin the lives of the many.

20. But, the vast, vast majority of people are good.

21. Wearing the same four pairs of pants week after week isn’t as bad as it sounds (unless you choose not to wash them.)

22. Laundry sucks. Always. Laundry always sucks (unless you have a husband to do it for you.)

23. If you want to get to know the local people, sit on a local bus with cigarette smoke in your hair and chickens under your feet.

24. Things disappear in the mind but memories of moments linger.

25. “Close” in New Zealand is about a thirty minute longer walk than “close” in the United States.

26. It is entirely possible to take too many photos.

27. When traveling, expect plans to change.

28. It is okay to not see everything and do everything.

29. Sometimes, you need to take a vacation from your travels and just do nothing.

Food is the great uniter.  Everyone, everywhere, eats.30. It is entirely normal to feel like you are in a life-sized MarioKart game when sitting in the back of a tuk-tuk weaving through traffic.

31. Our parents are more awesome, encouraging, and open-minded than we have ever given them credit for before.

32. Amazingly, we rarely get bored with each other.

33. Patrick is terrible at accents but he tries anyway.

34. Patrick is a celebrity in Asia; he has taken more pictures with Asian tourists than he can remember.

35. Sleep and a good meal can cure an otherwise horrible day.

36. When all else fails, a meal is never further than the nearest convenience store.

37. Food is the great uniter. Everyone, everywhere, eats.

38. Language is the great divider. But, smiles and hand signals can usually get you what you need.

Being able to drink pure clean tap water is decadent.39. If you don’t drink beer, don’t bother drinking alcohol at all in Southeast Asia.

40. You haven’t really eaten Chinese food unless you’ve eaten it in China.

41. Not all guidebooks are created equal.

42. Luxury and poverty are relative terms.

43. Having an en-suite bathroom is luxury.

44. Being able to drink pure clean tap water is decadent.

45. Never leave home without toilet paper, especially in Asia.

Koalas are even more cute than you think they are.46. New Zealand may be the most beautiful country in the world.

47. French fries laid on top of lasagna is considered an acceptable meal in Australia.

48. Grilled kangaroo tail is as unappetizing as it sounds.

49. Koalas are even more cute than you think they are.

50. Florida beaches are more beautiful than those in Thailand and Australia.

51. Our homeland is as unique as those places we fawn over in travel blogs and magazines.

52. You can’t boast that you’ll eat anything until you’ve been offered fried cockroaches on the streets of Chiang Mai.

Our homeland is as unique as those places we fawn over in travel blogs and magazines.53. You can’t boast that nothing’s too spicy until you visit a chile-laden restaurant in South Korea.

54. Television watching reduces by orders of magnitude when traveling but you won’t even miss it (except for LOST).

55. It is possible to travel the world as a vegetarian and not starve.

56. Street markets should be required stops for every traveler who wants to eat good food.

57. Pantene Pro-V is the hair product of choice across the world.

58. There are truly and really 1.3 billion people in China. That’s a heck of a lot of people.

Street markets should be required stops for every traveler who wants to eat good food.59. The fastest way to get from Point A to Point B is not always as obvious as it seems.

60. The fastest way to get from Point A to Point B is often not the most interesting.

61. The cost of sunscreen has a direct correlation with how much you will need it.

62. The golden rule of restaurant choice generally holds true: the less people in the restaurant, the less delicious the food.

63. Siem Reap is not representative of Cambodia just as Las Vegas is not representative of the United States.

64. Necessity is the mother of invention.

65. Meeting other travelers can be as fun and informative as meeting the local people.

The Great Barrier Reef is as great as everyone says.66. Contrary to popular belief, Americans travel to nearly every country in the world.

67. But, Americans travel for less time or to fewer places than those travelers from Europe and Australia.

68. Two weeks is not enough vacation time.

69. Portable chairs in China are not weight-tested for American males.

70. The Great Barrier Reef is as great as everyone says.

71. Gazing at the Milky Way makes you feel both insignificant and important in this universe.

72. Your life is what you decide it is going to be.

73. That is because there are as many ways to live a life as there are people in the world.

No matter how geeky we think we are, there are people so much geekier than us.74. And, most every lifestyle is equally valid as long as that person is happy.

75. American marshmallows are hands-down the best marshmallows in the world.

76. Getting Akila out of bed in the morning is like pulling teeth.

77. No matter how geeky we think we are, there are people so much geekier than us.

78. Despite thirty years of research and innumerable ad campaigns, this is still a smokers’ world.

79. There are things more important than traveling; there are reasons to come home.

80. While doing as the locals do will help enrich your travels, urinating on the side of the street is not a necessary requirement.

The true meaning of a bat out of hell is a baby lamb waiting to be fed.81. Skype proves the axiom that the simplest solution is often the best.

82. Cell phones, internet, and television shrink the world.

83. But, visiting a place and meeting people expands your world and theirs.

84. Keep your temper in Thailand . . . and, for that matter, the rest of the world.

85. The true meaning of bat out of hell is a baby lamb waiting to be fed.

86. It is not possible to sleep late in Cambodia or Thailand because if the roosters don’t wake you, the monks ringing the temple bells will.

Jumping into canyons is way more fun than it sounds.87. Wooden toads are the most annoying souvenirs ever created.

88. Australian security thinks decorative boomerangs can be used to take over a plane.

89. Traveling and making money are not mutually exclusive.

90. Jumping into canyons is way more fun than it sounds.

91. The deliciousness of American fast food restaurants is proportional to the distance away from their home location.

92. Despite its demise in the United States, Kentucky Fried Chicken is the king of fast food across the world.

93. Locking suitcases and computer equipment makes good sense whether staying in a five star hotel or a basic backpackers.

Believing in peace, kindness, and resiliency is not naďve or hopeless.94. Racial diversity is more rare than you might think.

95. Racial diversity does not always mean racial integration.

96. International politics is more complicated than any newspaper makes it out to be.

97. Believing in peace, kindness, and resiliency is not naďve or hopeless.

98. It is a lot easier to come up with 99 lessons learned than 100 lessons learned.

99. And, last but certainly not least: The world is a good place and there are good people here.  Including you.

09/24/2010 04:18
Love the list, guys, and the careful references to your posts! We've picked up on many of these lessons as well. It is amazing how much you learn when traveling.

Having just had my first experiences with squat toilets in South Korea, I am confused by #12. Please explain, because it appeared to me to be the opposite, at least for girls, due to the distance one has to aim while squatting!
09/24/2010 13:10
I love the round-up! These are great lessons, especially because you've really and finally been there and done that.

I sadly agree with #67. On a recent trip through SE Asia, I was really surprised at how few other Americans I met, but it definitely helped solidify #65 for me because I got to learn about so many other great places and met new friends that I can meet up with when I finally visit those places.

And #92 is undeniably true too. KFC sows up in the weirdest places!

Congratulations on a successful trip!
09/24/2010 13:10
Great post! We've experienced many of the same travel lessons.
09/24/2010 17:02
I follow lots of travel blogs, and you guys have one of the best. A very perceptive list--love it!
09/24/2010 20:27
Lakshmi Sankar
Excellent job, Akila! I loved the way you hyperlinked the different blogs with your lessons. Love, Mom
09/24/2010 21:23
What a great list! I will have to bookmark it and come back to read all of the links at a later time!
naomi's recent blog post: CRAFTS MUSEUM
09/24/2010 21:49
Great list! Having done my own RTW trip (albeit a decade ago-ouch!) I would have to agree with all of your experiences.
I think KFC is more popular in the rest of the world because a lot of other cultures don't eat beef, but they do eat chicken!
Kristina's recent blog post: San Francisco-September 2010
09/25/2010 02:09
Oh I LOVE THIS LIST!!! It is so funny and interesting and things you think we should all already know but dont. I am saving this so I can go back and read all the links.
Jaime's recent blog post: Minor set back� or not?
09/25/2010 05:29
I'm not usually into long lists, but this was fun as you covered so many topics - serious and not. I especially like #82 & #83. Although everyone talks about the world becoming smaller and more monoculture, when you get out there and start exploring you realize how big and diverse it really is.
Audrey's recent blog post: A Southern India Scavenger Hunt
09/25/2010 05:59
Excellent! A great idea, and really well done — I wonder if this post will resonate with non-travellers as well as it does with those who travel a lot? I imagine some of it is hard too believe!
Ant Stone's recent blog post: Shop till you Drop
09/25/2010 09:26
Amy: Thanks! Without getting too graphic about this, once you hit other parts of Asia (because South Korea is relatively clean), you will notice that Asian women stand on the Western toilets, leaving their muddy footprints on the seat, and their "business" all over the seat, which is frankly just disgusting. And, many, many people don't flush so it is all around better not to have to plunk your butt down on any toilet-related item while in Asia. I prefer squatting and just getting my shoes dirty (this is also why I am a huge fan of wearing ridged or closed toed sandals in Asia.)

JoAnna, Thanks! Yeah, it makes us sad that we don't find American travelers in as many places but we have found Americans in every country we have been to. When we tell them that we have been traveling for a month in that country, they immediately respond with envy and tell us that they're just trying to cram in the country on their two week vacation. American businesses need to get with the rest of the world about vacations!

Thanks Cam, Jane, Mom, and Naomi!

Kristina, Definitely not eating beef is part of it but McDonalds also sells fried chicken so we're not sure why KFC is so much more popular. We're in Cape Town right now and there are three KFCs within two blocks from each other in the City Centre.

Thanks Jaime!

Audrey, The world is HUGE! We still can't believe how big and diverse it is. It makes us feel like very tiny, insignificant human beings.

Thanks Ant! I don't know - that's a good question, actually. Any non-travelers want to chime in?
Akila's recent blog post: 99 lessons learned traveling
09/25/2010 10:00
Chetan Sankar
Your post brings out some simple, but elegant points that you have learned by traveling the world. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. What a great start and conclusion.
1. The world is huge. I mean, really, really huge. Bigger than our minds can imagine.
99. And, last but certainly not least: The world is a good place and there are good people here. Including you.
Let me help you add a 100th item to the list.
100. Learning by doing is a lot better than learning by rote memory or sitting in a class or taking a test.
09/25/2010 10:31
Love this one! Love it, love it, love it!
09/25/2010 10:31
Love this one! Love it, love it, love it!
09/25/2010 11:05
Thanks so much for this (and all) of the posts! Hoping I'll get sometime to catch up and read about all of your adventures!
09/25/2010 11:15
Just came across this via Twitter and love your list! Will definitely spend some more time reading about your travels.

And as someone who hopes to travel around the world in the future and is also a devoted Pantene user, I especially liked #57. :)
09/25/2010 12:43
I should think it's hard to write a list this long, but you've done a great job (and a smart one, linking to old posts). Very nice!
09/25/2010 13:24
Fab list! I loved your blogs for ages and just included it in "10 Food Blogs You'll Love".
Sonya's recent blog post: 10 Food Blogs Youll Love
09/25/2010 18:09
After each point I found myself either nodding in agreement or wondering what it would be like to experience what you listed. And, yes, listening to those wooden frogs does get a little old!
09/26/2010 14:19
I didn't want this post to end. I seriously agree with all 99. I wanted to make 99 comments, but I thought that would be a bit silly. ;-)
09/26/2010 21:09
Loved this post! I'm just travelling Atlantic Canada and #1 still shocks me continuously.
09/27/2010 08:12
Can't agree with #50. In Australia there so many different beaches and it is not comparable with Florida at all. But Australia like separate World you need at least couple years to see it all.
09/27/2010 20:42
Great round up! I can't believe it's been a year already. Seems like only yesterday you ventured to Sydney!

I like no 76... I'm the same! ;)
09/28/2010 08:23
what a lovely list! found no.99 particularly heartening :) Am going now to read through all the posts you have linked to (and the rest of the blog) - there goes my evening!
09/28/2010 19:15
Fantastic list, I love that lots of people when they hit the 1 year mark do lists like these (I did one too) and they are all similar yet I never tire of reading them as they are so true.
AdventureRob's recent blog post: Ann The Mental: Part 2
09/30/2010 23:53
Hey guys...LOVE this list. Well done. I agree with all and experienced most of it. Sigh. I miss it!
Lisa's recent blog post: Why I Travel. Why I Blog.
10/01/2010 00:25
What a great idea for a post! And so spot on. Although, I did have kangaroo and found it quite tasty (not sure if it was the tail or not)!
CamelsAndChocolate's recent blog post: Bonaire: Freedom of Diving
10/02/2010 06:37
Thanks everyone for the compliments.

Sonya: thanks! Let us know the link.

Vi: Let us know which beaches in Australia to visit. We loved Whitehaven, but found all the others a little lacking.

CamelsAndChocolate: I think the tail is particular unappetizing, though the Aborigines loved it. I think kangaroo steaks are much better.
Patrick's recent blog post: one year of photography
10/05/2010 02:26
Love the post. Will keep coming back for more. Am following you now.
mayank's recent blog post: kissing the horizon..
10/11/2010 23:35
great blog post. and always remember. Rule 101- Always have a translating dictionary!
10/15/2010 23:14
No matter how far a person travels, or how hidden they hope to be, God is never too far away to be found.
10/24/2010 18:09
Found this one on stumble upon & what a stumble worthy post it is. Great mix of lessons learned. It was fun to read right to the end.
10/29/2010 16:29
Thank you mayank!

Giovanni, we actually only used our translating dictionary in China but otherwise used the one in the back of our guidebooks. In China, it is essential!

Thanks ctjbush for commenting.

Leigh, thanks so much!
Akla's recent blog post: when travel sucks
10/31/2010 11:44
Nice tips for traveling. Thanks a lot and keep writing.
11/09/2010 12:50
this list is exhaustive there is hardly anything else to add. but make the most of your day while you are traveling
11/23/2010 05:28
Wally Zebco
I backpacked for 11 years straight and the most important thing I learned was, it is
not a good idea to generalize about a country. I remember my first year of travel, I thought I knew something too.
11/23/2010 09:24
Thanks deputu!

Zablon, Oh, that is absolutely true! Making the most of every day is so important.

Wally, We absolutely agree with you. We try very hard not to generalize about any country because each country is so diverse and different. I'm still not sure that I know anything but we do think we know a bit more about the world than we did when we left. And, I would love to read about your adventures . . . I hope you have a blog somewhere?
11/29/2010 16:33
What a great idea for a post. I love it, and like many of the other comments, I was nodding in agreement to so many, especially #54. I did just fine without TV until February came around and another season of LOST started. I HAD to have an internet connection on Thursday mornings so I could download the latest episode. I know, I have problems.
Adam's recent blog post: Buenos Aires through pictures
11/30/2010 09:51
What a fantastic, funny, and insightful post. It sounds like you have had so many great adventures (and some bad ones), plus many lessons learned. I can totally relate to some of it, though many of these are things I haven't yet encountered (and now I know a few things to avoid, like kangaroo tail!).
12/15/2010 09:01
Thanks Adam! It was us, too, about Lost. We ended up watching all of the episodes that we missed on Hulu in about two days when we came back to the US.

Thanks Emily! Definitely avoid the kangaroo tail - not our favorite. :)
Akila's recent blog post: overlanding 101
01/08/2011 20:39
Amazing! Love the thumbs up on Florida beaches, where I grew up. I've always thought they didn't get enough credit. You guys are so cute -- I hope someday I find a husband who doesn't get sick of me! For now, I do have the two dogs though. ;-)
01/10/2011 18:18
What a great roundup! Love this!
Ryan -- PauseTheMoment.com's recent blog post: Let me decorate your walls�
01/11/2011 20:25
Thanks Abby! Awww . . . you'll find someone, too, who doesn't get sick of you. And, we love the Florida beaches!

Thanks Ryan!
Akila's recent blog post: candid canine: war eagle!
01/12/2011 21:51
You both inspire me to follow my dream of traveling the world. I hope I can be able to open myself up to everything you have experienced and make the most of it. Thank you.
01/13/2011 15:53
Laurel, Thank you so much. That is such a wonderful compliment! We hope that you are able to travel as well. The world is an amazingly fantastic place and the more we experience of it, the more humbled we are by its greatness and goodness.
Akila's recent blog post: 25 lions, 24 hours
01/16/2011 16:45
I love your post... there are so many lessons to be learned really traveling and it is just so amazing to write them down and share it to others. My travel experiences open my mind with so many beauties and worst of the world and the ultimate thing I learned from traveling is patience.
01/16/2011 16:45
Thanks Alicia! Patience is such a valuable lesson to be learned from traveling. We have become far more patient people in the last year and a half!
Akila's recent blog post: 25 lions, 24 hours
01/17/2011 08:57
You guys learnt alot. i like the new website design
01/17/2011 08:57
Thanks Zablon!
Akila's recent blog post: 25 lions, 24 hours
01/19/2011 20:33
Love this list! Very well put together, and very insightful!
01/19/2011 20:33
Thank you so much Gemma!
Akila's recent blog post: an elephant family
01/21/2011 10:29
Good thoughts and lessons. Thanks for sharing :)
01/21/2011 10:29
Thank you Margaret!
Akila's recent blog post: really into the wild
01/25/2011 19:18
Great read. My favorite thing about traveling is the lessons we learn on the way. The more diverse the location, the more we learn about life and most importantly about our selves. I think you have inspired me to make my own list.
01/27/2011 17:38
Thanks! Please let us know if you make your own list, too.
Akila's recent blog post: yawning hippos at chobe
02/06/2011 17:16
Well that's the whole point of travelling. To learn more about yourself and the world you live in. Glad to see you have really done that.
Spencer's recent blog post: BQ Delta Hotel Santo Domingo
02/07/2011 10:43
I think you're right Spencer. No matter what else we feel about this last year, we are so proud that we have learned something good about this world and broadened our perspectives and discarded some misconceptions.
Akila's recent blog post: weekly photo: antico pizza
02/11/2011 23:19
Love the list, did not agree with all of them but I sure did have smiles.Enjoy the world!! There is so much of it.
02/14/2011 03:37
22. Laundry sucks. Always. Laundry always sucks (unless you have a husband to do it for you.)

--> So it's not just me...
02/14/2011 10:28
No, it's definitely not just you! I hate doing laundry. Just yesterday, I was complaining about how I feel like we are ALWAYS doing laundry (of course, that's the problem with not carrying many clothes).
Akila's recent blog post: weekly photo: accomplishment
02/17/2011 09:06
Great list and so much of it rings true. Though I'm wondering if you've ever visited Africa? Because there is an honesty, beauty and vitality alive in Africa, that is found no-where else in the world...and i didn't see you mention anything about that in your list. If you haven't been to any country in Africa, make sure to put it on your bucket list, because it's beauty and fragility will blow your mind.
02/17/2011 10:05
Krystal, Thank you! We did go to Africa after we wrote this post . . . and were completely awe-struck by it. I absolutely agree with you; after going to Africa, we are desperate to go back. It's fragility and beauty did blow our minds.
Akila's recent blog post: the butt shot
02/17/2011 15:48
enjoyed the comments
bweiss's recent blog post: articles
02/22/2011 03:48
love the list esp #2... so agree... the more i see the more i want to see more too ...
flip's recent blog post: Life is Like a Slot Machine
02/22/2011 10:39
Thanks Flip! I think that's the conundrum for every traveler.
Akila's recent blog post: travelers talk back: budgeting
03/02/2011 08:18
What and upbeat and positive list. I love it! This is a great reminder of why I travel. Each point made me either, smile, think, or want to book a one way ticket to everywhere.

Cheers :)
03/02/2011 10:23
Thank you Ken! And, yes, I am all about getting ready to hop onto the next plane, too!
03/02/2011 14:52
hawaii isn't a country.
03/03/2011 02:24
Very useful list and the discussions made it even more profound. Learned a lot from this post, good job :)
Bocas Del Toro Surfer 's recent blog post: bahia del sol
03/03/2011 09:29
03/03/2011 05:00
You have completely inspired me anew, to travel and to experience the world outside of my day to day. Thanks
03/03/2011 09:27
Thank you so much Bee! That is a wonderful comment because the world is such an amazing place.
03/04/2011 12:47
yeah the world is huge and I know since I have started finding travel blog my list of places to visit just continues to grow.
kirk @ Bluegreen Corporation's recent blog post: Bluegreen Communities Has the Perfect Place to Call Home
03/08/2011 19:53
"Portable chairs in China are not weight-tested for American males." I wonder, have you ever seen someone broke one?... Funny...and how embarrassing.
03/09/2011 15:50
Unfortunately, we have! My husband broke one of the portable chairs, much to his embarrassment.
03/11/2011 11:38
I can really relate with lesson #27. I expect paradise but when I get to see the actual place, I was kinda disappointed. So we packed the next day and head somewhere else to make the most of our trip.
03/13/2011 14:14
Absolutely! Sometimes, we have discovered that we didn't enjoy a place and leave quickly - that's just part of traveling.
Akila's recent blog post: weekly photo: leafy gates
03/13/2011 16:48
Really cool list, hope you to these kind of lists even more.
03/15/2011 06:28
Hilarious! Re 47, as an Italian wandering around the world I've seen many crimes against pasta - Lasagna with fries on top makes me cringe :)
Emanuele's recent blog post: The story so far in Chiang Rai
03/18/2011 10:19
Emanuele, I bet you have because pasta seems to be the default "Western" dish all across the world. The lasagna with fries was among the worst, though. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes!
04/15/2011 11:36
Thanks for the great read. Keep it up!
04/15/2011 15:27
Thanks Brady!
Akila's recent blog post: kruger itineraries and lodges
04/21/2011 14:49
Wonderful list! Hope to learn all of this in a year too, especially #3=)
05/30/2011 15:00
I hope you do too!
Akila's recent blog post: on fear
05/19/2011 03:25
My 14 year old son and I thoroughly enjoyed the list....
Shilpi Banerjee's recent blog post: Cleaning Poem ... Anonymous
05/20/2011 17:47
Thanks Shilpi!
Akila's recent blog post: on fear
07/07/2011 19:16
Great list that is timeless with interesting links to support some of the items in the list
eileen ludwig's recent blog post: Where in the World am I? July 6
07/08/2011 13:40
Thanks Eileen!
Akila's recent blog post: seven links from our archives
07/23/2011 06:03
Congratulations to your website! Really nice one and you must have spent more than a lot of time to put all the infos there. It is funny to see, that some countries are always visited first, while others come later. I travelled also to many countries and the Philippines were the last one. Now I live here and donÂ?t regret to move here. If you are not busy with expanding your travelsite, take a flight to Bohol. You wonÂ?t regret, even it is not as specacular as e.g. South Africa or the Hawaiian Islands.
09/30/2011 12:35
Thanks Fred! We have heard such great things about the Phillipines and we would love to visit it at some point.
Akila's recent blog post: the taste of two years
08/07/2011 19:11
WoW! What a list :) I can relate especially to point 7. A forty-five minute train connection is not possible in China.

I found this out the hard way myself :P
08/09/2011 09:07
Thanks! No - it's definitely sad to say that a 45 minute connection is not possible in China.
Akila's recent blog post: views from table mountain
10/21/2011 01:19
Great list Akila! I have been reading for awhile and loved this amalgamation of lessons. You really are an excellent traveler. I've done a little but what I've gained in knowledge about the world is so vast. All one really must do to learn about the world is take that first step out their door. Makes me ready to get back out there. Thanks for the inspiration to start saving again!
01/15/2012 09:33
May I correct: Myanmar is the land of the thousand smiles :)

01/20/2012 11:42
Ahhh . . . we haven't been to Myanmar but I hear wonderful things about the country. We will definitely have to put it on our list!
01/28/2012 08:11
Traveling is a wonderful way to open your mind and grow. Sometimes, if I can't afford it, I'll just go to a site like http://www.travelexplosion.com and just explore different countries. Almost like an online vacation (but without the expenses). My kids have learned more than what they could in just the classroom by coming with us to different countries and learning different cultures. It's the only way to go.
01/31/2012 11:48
Barbara, you're right! Sometimes a virtual vacation can fill in the gaps of real travel and for kids, it's the best possible education.
Akila's recent blog post: weekly photo: london at night
02/15/2012 21:49
Wow you have been all over. There is some great stuff in there.

It's so true though, you can never take too many photos. I worked hard to document my time in Europe, taking a lot of pictures. Now that I'm back, I wish I would have taken even more.
03/11/2012 17:31
Jack, absolutely right! Though we have almost 1 terabyte of pictures there's always something I wish I had captured in film. :)
Akila's recent blog post: spain: the low-down
06/23/2012 07:47
Amazing list guys, can't believe I hadn't come across it before. No#13 is probably my favourite. The amount of times I've forgot a towel and had to dry myself with bed sheets (or worse). Got a lot of love for tofu too ;)
07/05/2012 08:46
Thanks Will! The bed sheets are better than air drying or walking out damp with the clothes clinging to you (both of which we've done). I'm telling you -- a towel's the most useful thing out there for a traveler!
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01/20/2013 09:32
Love the roundup! What a great world we've been given to explore and enjoy.
06/26/2013 06:29
These are spot on observations and 93. is very important. Locking your suitcase is imperative, not only to stop your belongings from being stolen but more importantly to prevent anything illegal from being put in your case by a stranger! I would love it if you took 5 mins to have a look at my travel blog
01/07/2014 05:23
Love # 87. A smile begets a smile!
02/13/2014 23:55
Amazing list!All the points are so nice.No 13 is my favorite among all points.I really appropriate this effort.Keep it up.
03/24/2014 05:17
Very good list. Thanks for that.
03/31/2014 13:36
That's a creative list! Not sure if I agree with you on Beaches in Florida vs Thailand!
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