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weekly photo: a tree in christchurch

Tree in Christchurch

A tree in Christchurch

World politics and events matter more to us when the tragedies and situations occur in the world that we have personally experienced rather than the world we visit through the media.  Though our sympathies lie with any victim of a tragedy, when we have been in that place, we care more deeply.  Last year, for example, when the riots hit Bangkok, we obsessively watched the news reports because we had been there just months before, had friends in the city, and cared about what happened to the wonderful Thai people.

When the earthquakes hit Christchurch last week, we were shocked and then saddened.  We spent several days in Christchurch last year before we drove through the awesomeness that is the South Island of New Zealand.  I never put up the pictures we took of the city because I was too distracted by the gorgeous photos we took of Milford Sound, Fox Glacier, and my canyon swinging adventure.  When we visited, Christchurch was in the first blush of spring . . . people sat in the many parks that wove through the city and we played with a little cockapoo at one of the bridges.  The tree above was a riot of colors amidst the Victorian buildings and churches in the city area. 

Today, hundreds of people are still missing or confirmed dead and pictures like those from last week's Big Picture reveal the devastation caused by the massive earthquakes.  Buildings have been smashed to the ground and trees like these were uprooted and strewn about the roadways.  Our thoughts are with the people of Christchurch as they recover from this tragedy.

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03/04/2011 16:47
Just found your blog, just entered your giveaway, and really like your words about the tragedy in NZ.
Sonja's recent blog post: Photo Friday: Serenade in Budapest
03/07/2011 13:27
Thank you so much Sonja! Welcome to our blog.
03/05/2011 02:40
Krista C.
Fabulous post, Akila! Traveling opens minds and hearts. That tree is beautiful. I have yet to visit Christchurch but I will even if it is not the same. They will be needing tourism dollars even more.
03/07/2011 13:26
Thank you Krista! I think you're right - they are going to need the tourism dollars and I hope that people continue going to New Zealand even after this tragedy.
03/05/2011 09:26
Wonder if that tree still stands. Lovely post.
Sophie's recent blog post: Affluent Abu Dhabi
03/07/2011 13:24
I do too. It was in one of the many random parks strewn about the city. I hope it does too.
03/05/2011 10:59
Beautiful picture and tribute!
Andi of My Beautiful Adventures's recent blog post: FAQ’s About My Upcoming Wedding (Part 2)
03/07/2011 13:19
Thank you Andi!
03/07/2011 05:03
Lovely tribute. For me, this photo symbolises renewal, especially with the light dispersing different colours.
03/07/2011 13:03
Thank you Connie! I hope their renewal is as beautiful as this tree.
03/08/2011 08:34
Beautiful photo of the tree in ChristChurch. I have been so busy this is the first article I actually read on the earthquakes and the people that are dead or missing.
kirk @ Bluegreen Corporation's recent blog post: Buying Property Makes Sense with Bluegreen Communities
03/09/2011 15:57
Thank you Kirk! It's really quite horrific to see especially for those of us who love New Zealand.
08/27/2015 02:35
You take some really beautiful photos. Love the blog and you seem to have a very interesting and happy life. Cheers!
02/23/2016 11:55
You are a great photographer and I like the way you click pics.
Thanks for the contribution..
02/23/2016 11:55
You are a great photographer and I like the way you click pics.
Thanks for the contribution..
05/22/2016 22:07
l like your image
05/24/2016 04:53
Nice photography, keep the good work.
06/21/2016 02:30
Many people died jsut because of the earthquake and also these beautiful trees are being destroyed by the natural diasaster or being cut for the making or use of different stuff we should not do but make our country more green and healthy.

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