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rainbow cotswolds
colors in the country

See the colors of the Cotswolds . . . .

Red Post Office

Red Post Office sign at Bourton on the Water

Orange mushrooms

Orange mushrooms at Westonbirt Arboretum

Yellow bricks

Yellow bricked houses everywhere (but thiis picture was taken in Broadway)

Green gardens Painswick Rococo

Green shrubbery maze celebrating the Painswick Rococo Garden's 250th anniversary

Blue sky

Blue sky through the trees at Westonbirt Arboretum

Indigo sunset

Indigo sunset near Salisbury

Violet herbs at Painswick Rococo Gardens

Violet flowers at Painswick Rococo Gardens

11/02/2011 13:14
Heard a lot about the beauty of the Cotswolds and definitely would love to visit at some point. How many days do you need to explore the area well enough?

Love the sunset picture.
11/03/2011 09:02
I think 3-4 at a minimum (maybe a long weekend?), but up to a week would be a relaxed time.
Patrick's recent blog post: rainbow cotswolds
11/02/2011 14:06
The colors in your photographs are beautiful.
11/03/2011 09:05
Thanks Mica! The countryside in England is fantastically colorful, which is a far reach from many of the greyish London photos that are out there.
Patrick's recent blog post: rainbow cotswolds
11/02/2011 15:43
11/03/2011 08:43
WOW these photos are breathtaking!!!
Andi Perullo de Ledesma's recent blog post: Andi’s Pick: Wild Dunes Resort
11/10/2011 07:23
Thanks Andi!
Patrick's recent blog post: an ode to cream tea
11/06/2011 07:21
These make me really miss the Cotswolds. :)
Christy @ Technosyncratic's recent blog post: Photo of the Week: Night View of Prague’s Most Famous Bridge
11/09/2011 00:10
I love the countryside and the village of Broadway might be my favorite place in the world! I really wish I could afford a nice little cottage there when I retire :D
09/06/2012 06:05
A great selection of photos. Our countryside is so colourful compared to the dull colours we find in large cities
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