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weekly photo: savannah's green fountain

Savannah St. Patrick's Day fountain

Forsyth Park fountain

A week ago, the fountain at Forsyth Park transformed for ordinary water to emerald green liquid, the color of the famous Emerald City, and a heady reminder of the Emerald Isle. 

Savannah St. Patrick's fountain

Forsyth Park fountain dyed green

Savannah Forsyth Park fountain

The entire fountain

Yesterday, the city went on holiday for St. Patrick's Day: the parade began in the morning, revelries lasted throughout the day, green beer and green necklaces appeared in the evening, and by night, River Street was a seething mass of greenness.  We heard from the locals that it was their version of Mardi Gras but we found the day to be infused with polite Southern charm, which is what we have come to expect from our stay in Savannah.

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03/18/2011 14:14
Do the green fountains spout green beer per chance? Now, wouldn't that just be AWESOME?
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03/21/2011 10:59
If only! Patrick only found green beer at one bar, sadly, and he had already ordered a Guinness. So, no green beer this year for him!
03/19/2011 04:14
The green color in these photos match very good with your web site design :)
03/21/2011 11:01
Thanks Vi! We noticed that, too. We were all ready for St. Patrick's Day, I guess! :)
03/19/2011 08:29
Haha, that's awesome!
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03/21/2011 11:05
03/20/2011 23:00
That's gorgeous! At least it didn't spurt Guinness ;)
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03/21/2011 11:06
Oh, if it had spurt out Guinness, I can guarantee you there wouldn't have been anything left coming out of the fountain after Thursday night!
03/21/2011 11:52
Nice photos of Forsyth fountains and yeah if it had Guinness Im sure nothing would have been there to take a picture of. I wonder what they used to color the water so it wouldnt stain the fountains.
03/24/2011 10:34
Bluegreen Kirk, Thanks! I think they use food coloring so it doesn't stain the fountain itself because they stop running the water and clean out the fountain once St. Patrick's Day is done.
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03/31/2011 23:36
I have ALWAYS wanted to celebrate in Savannah and this just makes me more eager - I have heard epic tales of the fiercely Irish patriotism for the St. Patty's day week :) Great shots!
04/01/2011 10:44
Shannon - It's crazy there! People are so into St. Patrick's day. I actually have a bunch more pictures that I need to post. It's super fun and definitely worth checking out some time.

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