about We are Akila and Patrick. Our minds (and waistlines) expand as we travel, cook, and eat our way around the world with our two dogs.
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Welcome to The Road Forks !

What We're About

We are two travelers who are cooking and eating our way around the world.  On this site, you will find stories of unique places , delicious foods , less than thrilling destinations , and sub-standard restaurants across the globe.  Our wanderings inspire our home cooking so you will also find recipes like granola infused with Hawaiian flavors or earthy Tuscan pasta with porcinis .  In the Off the Road section, you might find ramblings on writing , cooking, travel , and any other tidbits that my brain churns up.

Who We Are

I am Akila , a just-turned-30-year-old who once at a party, where I began the evening discussing cheesecake with one person and ended by proclaiming the best fast food french fry as Arby's Curly Fries to another, was asked by a federal judge whether I "talk about anything other than food."  In fact, I do: I also talk about travel, dogs (especially my own), Lost, literature, and legal miscellanea that puts most people to sleep.  On our site, I am the writer, head cook, food photographer, and compulsive travel planner.

Patrick is chief web designer and developer, grill-master, travel photographer, beer brewer, sous chef, and master dish washer.  He is the Chandler to my Monica.  He is the quiet one but when things are going badly, he has the uncanny ability to diffuse any situation with laughter.  I think he's pretty neat.

Chewy is our sweet baby boy.  He has a bottomless stomach and is world-renowned for his kisses and unparalleled pinata breaking skills.

Abby is our free spirit who breaks our heart with her wide grin as she runs furiously across fields.  She spends her days sunning on the couch, barking at neighbor dogs, and begging for head scratches.

No matter how much Patrick and I love to travel, our feet always head back home to our babies.  (And, starting in July 2010, the pups are coming with us for a year abroad on the Continent!)

Contact Us

I love hearing from y'all so, as we say in the South, don't be shy.  It's the second-best part of writing this blog (the first-best is getting to eat all the stuff that we cook up). We are a bit too technologically plugged in, if such a thing is possible.  Your best shot at getting hold of me are at:

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  • Email : theroadforks [at] gmail [dot] com: I am a little slower on e-mail but try my best to get back to you within a week.
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