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pregnancy is like backpacking through southeast asia

Children in Cambodia A baby in Cambodia

I've spent about as much time backpacking through Asia and Africa as I have been pregnant and, to be honest, there isn't all that much difference between the two.  Pregnancy is like backpacking through Southeast Asia because:

  • in the beginning, you're disoriented, exhausted, and disbelieving ( Did I really just cross over two continents in 17 hours?  Is there really a tiny human being growing inside me? )
  • you could wake up on any given morning and vomit
  • after a little while, things even out and you start to feel great and love this place
  • it's January and the ceiling fan is running on high
  • fantasies tend to involve wine, really good soft cheeses, and Kosher dill pickles
  • personal boundaries disappear as strangers ask about every element of your life ( What is your job?  How much do you make?  Did you plan this pregnancy?  What are your labor and delivery plans? )
  • soon, you're carrying an extra 25 to 30 pounds of luggage, making you wobble like an ungainly penguin

  • forget the books; Google and message boards become the most up-to-date and important means of information
  • size XL becomes the minimal acceptable t-shirt size for any average-sized American ( Thai size XL = American size S; pregnancy size Akila = taking over all of Patrick's t-shirts )
  • you become a minor celebrity: strangers will stare at you, open doors for you, and ask after your health and welfare (In the extreme cases, you might have folks pose for pictures with you or rub your belly.)
  • sneakers and boots are forgotten and discarded; flip flops and slip-on shoes become the footware of choice
  • toward the end, family and friends crawl out of the woodwork to find out your status ( When are you heading home?  That baby out yet? )
  • as you look back at your journey, you realize how far you've come and that this experience has changed you . . . for the better, you think

Baby M is due on Sunday on St. Patrick's Day but we'll see when she actually decides to make her appearance!

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