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doing now: a chandelier



I am ALWAYS behind in my blogging.  I don't know how some travel bloggers manage to keep their blogs directly on track with their travels (super human blogging abilities, I can only presume), but I have been behind on this blog from about our second week into our round-the-world trip.  Recently, I've been blogging about our Africa-in-Focus overland excursion that we finished a solid three months ago and I'm next going to be writing about our awesome South Africa trip, which we began last August, about six months ago.  Yikes.  In any event, I thought that once a month, you might like to see what we are actually doing.

Currently, we are sitting at my parent's house in Salem, Alabama, working full-time, and hanging out with our pups.  On the side, we've been helping my parents redecorate their house because we like doing that sort of thing and we kind of miss the handy-man part of having a house.  We put up this pretty-as-a-princess chandelier last month in their front entryway, which we found at Home Depot for an astonishingly low $70.

Next week, we are back on the road again beginning our road trip through the Southeast . . . which only means that I will be even more behind in my blogging than I already am.

* Each week, we will post one of our favorite photos for that week.  We plan on posting Strange Shots, Candid Canines, One Word Photos, Doing Now, and Poetry in Photography posts throughout the month.