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rainbow beijing
colors in a city

Summer Palace

The colors of the Summer Palace

If you've been on our site for more than two seconds, you've probably realized that I love color.  I can't imagine living in a black and white world.  Despite its often dreary sky (or perhaps because of it), Beijing is a rainbow city, full of vivid, gorgeous color.

Red lacquer boxes

Red lacquer boxes at the Panjiayuan Crafts Market

Red flowers at the park near the Forbidden City

Orange flowers at the park near the Forbidden City

Yellow figurines at Forbidden City

Yellow figurines on a rooftop in the Forbidden City

Green trees at the Summer Palace, Beijing

Green lake and trees at the Summer Palace

Blue from Palace of Heaven

Blue roof at the Temple of Heaven

Demons at lama temple

Indigo deity at the Lama Temple

Camouflage tree

Violet moss growing on a tree (this may be the coolest tree I have ever seen --- no Photoshopping required for this photo)