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moving on
south africa in video

Some things are best seen with movement.  I normally post our wrap-up videos with our wrap-up posts but I'm posting this one separately for two reasons: first, I love this video and think it deserves a post of its own, especially because a large part of it is focused on elephants; second, I couldn't find fast enough Internet last week to upload this.  So, here you go, just a little bit late . . . Moving On in South Africa.  (By the way, to ensure that you see the highest quality video, make sure the numbers above are at 720p for HD quality.)

*By the way, entirely out of curiosity, would you be interested in seeing more videos on our site?  I'm thinking about incorporating more vlogging because we have a truly awesome camcorder now, but I'm not sure if people actually watch these things and they do take quite a bit of time to create.