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in the trees at tsitsikamma
on the garden route

Ziplining at Tsitsikamma

Hooked to the trees at Tsitsikamma

South Africa has no shortage of adrenaline activities.  If you want to dive off the highest bridge in the world or swim in frigid waters with sharks and whales, you can.  We did a bit of scuba diving in Sodwana Bay, but didn't see much in the very murky, turbulent waters, and I'm not a huge fan of bridges anyhow.  So, we opted for canopy swinging at Tsitsikamma.  It was a wonderful day amidst the trees.


Gorge near Tsitsikamma

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers near Tsitsikamma

Bark from tree

Bark scraped by elephant at Tsitsikamma

Canopy lines at Tsitsikamma

Canopy swinging lines

Tsitsikamma tree Tsitsikamma tree
Canopy lines Swinging down lines at Tsitsikamma

Trees and swinging down the tree

Purple flowers at Tsitsikamma

Purple flowers

Me canopy swinging

Me filming while swinging


We went on the canopy tour with Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours at Storms River. Personally, we found it on the mild side of adventure activities --- especially compared to canyon swinging and ATV riding --- but still a lot of fun.  It's quite easy to do and you don't need particularly great fitness, meaning that it's an excellent adventure for children.