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istanbul's tulips
flower frenzy

Tulips in Istanbul

Striped tulips

This is how it happened:

  • Tulips are native to Central Asia and the Anatolia region of Turkey
  • The Ottoman Empire was the first to commercially cultivate tulips
  • The mid-18th century in Ottoman history is known as the "Tulip Era" because it was a time of peace during which the growth and cultivation of tulips was an emblem of success and affluence.
  • Tulips are grown near Turkish mosques because the curvature of a tulip looks very similar to the Arabic word for Allah.
  • Turkey began exporting tulips to Holland sometime in the 17th or 18th century.
  • Today, most of the tulips grown in Istanbul are imported bulbs from Holland.

Pink tulips and a couple in Istanbul Pink tulips and a mosque
Tulips Tulips Istanbul
Tulips and Turkish flag
Tulips in Istanbul Tulips in Istanbul
Tulips Istanbul Istanbul tulips
Tulips Topkapi Palace Istanbul yellow tulip
Guarding tulips Tulips
Istanbul tulips
Tulips Istanbul tulips
Tulips in Istanbul Tulips in Istanbul