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emerald peak district
green, green, green

Chatsworth in the Peak District

Chatsworth House, Peak District

We didn't really know what to expect when we went to the Peak District.  Sure, I'd watched Pride and Prejudice (Mr. Darcy's home is in Derbyshire and the scenes from Pembroke were filmed at Chatsworth House, above), but I didn't realize it would be so green.  It reminded us forcefully of Ireland because emerald shades greeted us wherever we drove.  We couldn't help but be charmed by this green, green, green part of England.

Abby looking around at the Peak District Views from the Peak District
Chatsworth Gardens

At the Peak District

Trees at Chatsworth House Chewy looking at Arbor Low
Views from the Peak District Chatsworth House Chatsworth House
Chatsworth House
Abby at Arbor Low

Arbor Low

Chatsworth House gardens, Abby and Chewy at Arbor Low (the Stonehenge of the North), and other various spots